Great experience, every time.

Professional Consultation

Communicate with a dedicated designer to bring your costume alive. Our designers are knowledgeable, talented ladies who understand the complexities of sewing for all body shapes.

Free Pickup and Delivery

Have you given up getting your clothes tailored because it takes so much time? You’ve been heard! We provide a low-effort, no-hassle service, including collection and delivery, and frequent updates.

Designed to Fit Perfectly

Feeling out of shape and disoriented in your clothing? It is not you who is at fault; it is them. A perfect fit is critical; it is essential. That is why we go to great lengths to ensure accuracy and perfect fitting.

How it works


Call or Whatsapp us on +91 702-215-7753 and let us know your requirement. Your meeting with the designer will be scheduled.


Discuss with Designer Kanika Reddy the fine points regarding your preferences, design and the look of your designer outfit.


Once the design, preferences and cost have been mutually agreed upon, your order will be confirmed and pickup will be scheduled.